Certified Talent and Entertainment Professional (CTEP®)

CTEP Designation
The CTEP designation is given by the Society of Talent Entertainment Professionals (STEP) and its certification committee. The designation shows your professional achievement in the entertainment industry. It is earned through education, performance, experience, and service to the industry, and reflects a commitment to professional conduct and ethics.

As a recognized organization for Entertainment Professionals, STEP certifies entertainment professionals through the Certified Talent and Entertainment Professional designation.

The CTEP program is practice-based. It is not intended to teach individuals how to effectively become an Entertainment Professional rather, it is designed to measure an individual’s “knowledge-in-use” – the application of knowledge and skills by those with real-life experience in this role.

CTEP Certification
~Demonstrates your commitment and your ability to perform to set standards.
~Enhances your professional image.
~Establishes professional credentials and recognizes your           individual accomplishments
~Is an impartial, third-party endorsement to your      
knowledgeand experience
~Improves your career opportunities.
~Offers greater recognition in the Industry

Obtaining Your CTEP designation
To obtain your CTEP designation you must have been a STEP member in good standing for at least two years, acquire the necessary points needed and  agree to abide by the set standards and ethics of the Society of Talent Entertainment Professionals and be approved its certification committee.

CTEP Application
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STEP Lifetime Achievement
Awards Recipient

C.W. Kendall Jr.

As the keyboard player for The Big Beats, one of the most popular touring bands of the fifties and sixties, C.W. had the opportunity to meet, tour, and perform with some of the biggest and most popular bands in the recording industry. He toured and performed with many famous musicians including Johnny Cash, Gene Vincent, Roy Orbison, Ricky Nelson, Sonny James, and Bobby Darin.  In fact, C.W. continues to receive royalties for performing, writing, and playing with Buddy Holly and The Crickets for his song “Little Baby”. This track, one of twelve from the brilliant Buddy Holly debut solo album, released by Coral February 20th 1958, features the tasty piano of co-writer CW Kendall, who also contributed to another two tracks from that iconic album.
The Buddy Holly Foundation says “CW is a fine musician, known for his long association with The Big Beats, founded in 1957,who's personnel included Trini Lopez.”

The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation Says “They are delighted he has graciously accepted our invitation to become an Honored Friend. CW has recalled for us, some amazingly interesting stories regarding Buddy ,including his time arranging and recording with Buddy, Little Baby.”

Not many can say they toured in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Far East with some of the most influential artists of early Rock N’ Roll, but CW Kendall had the opportunity to do just that for many years including being featured on Dick Clark’s American Band Stand and his band being the first rock band ever signed to Colombia Records.

On Sept. 9, 2017 - The Big Beats were inducted into The Texas Musicians Museum, where some of their memorabilia from the last 60 years will be on display and will remain there for years to come.

After touring CW started Ken-Ran Productions an award winning Event Entertainment service company that has been providing Quality Entertainment for 57 years! KEN-RAN Productions is a company that has considerable experience in large scale special event production, with a history in both Corporate and Civic events, creating or participating in spectacular, world class, events, Fairs, Festivals and more.

In the 60’s and 70’s CW owned and operated Night Clubs in Houston, Dallas, Memphis, New Orleans and Little Rock while booking entertainment nationwide.

In 1989 CW and a group of entertainment professionals came together in response to the Texas Talent Agency Act that had just been passed by the Texas Legislature. The act would have forced band leaders, music agencies and novelty variety agencies to submit to expensive bonding procedures, open their books annually to governmental inspection, and give agencies from out of state an unfair advantage in pricing, selling or marketing live entertainment. In self-defense, agencies began to work together to protect the rights of musicians, artists, speakers, comics, and agencies to solicit work without restriction. As a result they decided to form our association (STEP) that furthered the goals of networking, continuing education, political activism, and marketing of and for the profession. At last, there was a voice for professionals who made their liv​ings selling live entertainment in Texas. CW served as the association first president and today, the organization's membership rolls include some of the most effective, efficient, and professional agencies and producers in the state. We have chapters in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin-San Antonio, and Houston.

In addition CW has served as President, Vice President and on the Board of Directors for The International Theatrical Agencies Association for more than ten years where he lobbied and negotiated on behalf of musicians for nationwide scale pay and labor relations.

By joining STEP you are supporting a group that is fighting for YOU to keep your livelihood free and viable!